Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm back.....

I finally have time for my dollhouses, school is slowing down. Yea!! 
I have been working on my dollhouses, The Emerson Row & The Summerville Cottage.
Because of my dollhouse ADHD I jump from one house to the other, lol.  

I would like to complete the bakery, but for some reason I cannot begin to start the project again. I believe the house is speaking to me (I'm not crazy) I don't think it wants to be a bakery.  My oh my what am I to do?
Maybe I should go with a tea/coffee shop. I'm still in need of chairs and tables and accessories.

I have more goodies that will go in the shop. I really love the colors I used.I built the counter that the goodies will be displayed in. 
Maybe once I finish with school this Aug I'll be able to think more clearly. 
Working on my dollhouses is so relaxing. Because of my busy schedule I had stopped working on my houses and I was stressed. So my family recommended that I start back working on my hobby again. Thanks family for the great advice :)
Welcome to The Summerville House, where the sun always shine brightly.
The resident that resides here loves to bake and sew.  She recently brought this cottage after living with her parents.  On the weekends she loves to go to flea markets and second hand stores to find more goodies to bring home to decorate with.

I have been busy making most of the items in this scene. I purchased the rocking chair, off of Ebay. It was my first time making hat boxes. I love the lil throw on the coach, it reminds me of the life size one I have on my chair.

This is her bedroom, I'm still working on this part of the house. The chair will not be apart of the room. I'm looking for a nice reading chair for her.

I added some more accessories to the kitchen. 

Well, thanks for stopping bye, until next time take care!


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  1. Cuánto tiempo mi querida amiga, no es mala idea lo de la panadería, ya tienes muchos detalles que la harán muy apreciada, yo tengo en mente hacer una panadería de echo ya estoy trabajando en los panes.
    La casita está muy linda deseando de verla terminada y con ese sillon de lectura.
    Buen concejo de lo tus familiares jejjej.
    Ah pásate por mi blog si te apetece participar en mi sorteo, te vendrá bien si tienes suerte para tu panadería.
    Mil besos...Julia.