Saturday, November 22, 2014

Renovation Time

I have for like forever wanted to renovate the big house( The Emerson Row). I began to decorate this house and would always change the decour.  When I first brought this house I never liked the interior color it is so yucky.... 

So I'm finally getting around to repainting the house.  Due to the pink shingles I have to match the interior color to match.  I will not be replacing the shingles, I don't have that much time.
I have removed all the windows and doors.  I packed all the furniture up and called in the moving guys and to storage everything went.

Not really.... but my boyfriends shoes boxies are GREAT!!

So with the pink shingles what colors should I choose?  I was thinking a gray tone should be included in the decision.  I have so many visions for the renovation. Many ideas but a small budget, so my Christmas list will be large this year.