Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank you, all!

I would like to thank all my followers and to my new followers, welcome!  I'm SOoooo happy that others are interested in my adventure, you all have me doing THE HAPPY DANCE!

I made a lamp!

My fiancé asked me are you going to make everything for your dollhouse? He kind of made me feel bad, not that he tried to. It's just I enjoy the adventure of trying to conquer something I never tried. So I had a vision of a lamp and I thought why not try to make it. I did try to find the lamp online, it's just they are so expensive$$, and I like one of a kind items (in my real life also). I made the lamp using some beads that I had from a old towel set, and the top is made from little umbrella sticks you would put in a tropical drink. The pic frame is button. What do you think?

Wow the camera really show your flaws and all. I need to do some paint touch ups, lol. I think this piece of art look very nice over the dresser. I will be adding some accessories to the dresser a little later. The curtain must go. That is the one item I 'm having the hardist time making. Well, until next time.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Progress Has Been Slow

I'm still here, I'm having a case of miniature creativity block with a side of tired beyond any means. I cannot for the life of me get creative. I'm out of school for the winter break, yea, I think. I did b4 the tiresome sickness came about make a room divider to go into the oriental inspired bedroom. I thought of the idea one night while I was watching television. So on an adventure I went. 

I hand painted the Chinese symbols. I thought this would be simple, but me being American and never wrote Chinese symbols b4. Boy was I wrong. You should see my trail version it looks like a kindergarten did the artwork. So I made up my own symbols and named them, Together, Beauty, and Luck. How did I do? Also what color should I make the curtains for this room? I was thinking white, what do you think?

I stained the bamboo floors that were placed in the hallway. I also added the trim. I did all this to help me relax b4 finals,( my relaxing time), and now that school is over I'm just TIRED. What piece of furniture should go in the hallway. I was thinking a nice reading chair with a small table. I'm looking for the perfect piece of art to go on the wall.
Last I made a wine glass shelf. I felt that wall next to the cabinet was too empty looking. So because the members that will be residing in this house will be wine hobbyist, they will need somewhere to hang their glasses to rest, lol.

I have been very busy interviewing member that will be staying in this house. OK, the truth is I asked my family to buy me the Disney fairy dolls (they are about 4 or 5 inches in height) for Christmas, I think they will be perfect to live in my house. I will be removing their wings and making them some clothing. I hope Santa bring me what I ask for. Please Santa I passed (I got an "A") that very boring ethics class I had to take, and I only fell asleep twice.

I also made a cabinet with a sink for the bathroom. It's not complete it still needs to be painted and the top added and other repairs b4 its finished. The sink is a jelly container from a restaurant. For the life of me I just love making everything, its like I cannot buy whats out here. I love trying to conquer something new!
I'm starting to work on my bakery,I'm going to use the basement as the bakery.  I have ordered some desserts on ebay. This have begun to cost me a little to much. Which is why I'm going to have to learn how to make my own goodies. 
I have a vision on how I want it to look and feel. Well, until the next adventure,Have a Merry Christmas!