Friday, November 9, 2012

Summerville Cottage

To ease the stress of my work load I've been busy with the cottage. I named it Summerville, I wanted it to be a beach house but the design is going in another direction. 

The chair is a Chippendale Sofa that I put together, the pillows I made.  I also made the serving tray, the throw and the rug.  After a long day at school/work & interning when I get home I  make miniature goodies to release stress.  I going to add beams to the ceiling I think that will give the cottage a warmer feeling. I going to use tree branches.  I guess I'll be exploring my backyard!

What do you think of the bookshelf? Another project I made,  I need some accessories to put on the shelf.

A peek in the kitchen
Lets take a look...

Is that fresh baked goodies I see...

Welcome excuse the mop. I had to tidy up b4 your visit.

Have a seat may I offer you some lemonade and a dessert?

Because of the space I made the cabinet with the sink, stove and the refrigerator at the bottom, it's an all in one. The cabinet above is from "Michaels" I bashed it a lil and added a shelf to the bottom.

Thanks for visiting come back again....


  1. I loved my visit and shall come again. Your work is great and the cottage is cosy and lovely.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Cuánto tiempo y que alegría me da de verte por aquí y más enseñandonos todos estos maravillosos avances, que bonito salón, que linda cocina.
    Es una casa preciosa!!
    Millones de besosssss.