Sunday, May 26, 2013

Welcome come on in....

I decided to learn how to make my own goodies for my bakery. Fun and time consuming it has been. I find myself spending hours creating goodies that I am so proud of.

My first project were these brownies...
Some of them have caramel flakes on them, they are hard to see in the picture. The next batch will be better.

Youtube can teach you a lot I tried to make cinnamon rolls. Not bad for my first try I must say. I can't wait to make new ones, more gooey and yummy looking.

Off topic dollhouses gets very dusty. I couldn't finish my photo shoot in the kitchen because I need to take everything out and dust.
How about some coffee and some freshly baked sugar cookies. I did save a slice of cherry pie and a slice of chocolate mouse cake

I made this sign a couple of weeks ago. The frame I purchased from Michael's.
I'm blessed to have a Michael's within biking distance and a Hobby Lobby 20 mins away

I made this cake today I call it spring jolly ranch w/butter cream frosting and jolly ranch candy pieces on top.

Last I tried to make some candy pieces, such as lolly pops and candy sticks. I was tired by this time, I'll try again next time.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!

Looks like the bakery will be opening real soon......


  1. Nice job! I am suddenly hungry for cake!

  2. Your goodies look great!
    The bakery is beautiful!

  3. Que preciosa pastelerĂ­a y todos esos dulces se ven tan exquisitos!!!
    Feliz semana y millones de besos.

  4. Thanks all for your wonderful comments.