Friday, September 30, 2011

To sew or not to sew?

I have begun the task of making some pillows for my couch. The pillows that I made for the kitchen window seat, were hand stitched. I was updating my friend about my progress when she informed me that I should try fabric glue or the hem tape. So I tried it.
Hand stitched

Below is the one pillow that I worked on last night. The picture is a little hazy/blurry. I like the pattern. This will not be the pattern I will use to go with the couch. I just wanted to try it out first.

It took less time (I used the hem tape). However, I don't like the way it look. It don't look as fluffy as the first ones. These are the first ones.  I'm still debating on what color I will use for the pillows. I want a color that will bounce off the hazy dazy  color of the couch, ( spell check is not liking my new word, lol).  Pictures of the finished couch will be posted next. Until the next adventure, take care!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainy Day

Today we got a lil rain more storms are expected. I should be in my garage working on finishing my bed. The problem Florida heat can make you want to stay inside. I have made the headboard and the frame. I don't want the bedding to be black & white. I was thinking going bold with the color of the bedding.
I would like some ideas on what color I should paint the bedroom walls. I want the headboard to be the center of attention in the room.  Any ideas?

I added legs to the bed, I wanted it to have a lil height.

I will be attaching the headboard to the wall. This is the bed with the legs. The legs are from some hutches brought at Michaels. I'm glad I found all the helpful tips that one can do with the hutches. For $1.00 you can bang them up you can't go wrong.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bed Making Time

Yesterday I got an idea to make my own miniature bed. I have this wonderful scrapbook paper that would look lovely as a padded headboard. It is black & white, with a swirl flower design. I picked it up at Hobby Lobby, it spoke to me. As you will see along the way on my adventures, furniture items and anything I can decorate with; speaks to me, lol. I may sound crazy but I love to decorate in mini and in real life.  So let's see I'm gonna take some scrap wood, and my new favorite scrapbook paper and ….

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Let the demolition begin.

This house had a lot of wallpaper that needed to be removed. Along with the old copper wire lighting system.  I also removed the stairs. They didn't fit w/ the new design. The removal gave me more kitchen space. After all the hours spent removing wallpaper and carpet, I was ready to break.

Update: Progress the first room I started on was the kitchen. If I may say so I'm very proud of myself this is not the finish product the kitchen is 78% finish. Why 78% well I need more $ to finish buying other kitchen accessories. I made the table, windowseat, blinds & the pillows. I have been very busy. So glad I discovered I could blog about my progress. Im so excited! Until the next adventure, good day!

A diamond in the rough. Let the adventure begin..

This house is pretty sizable, so I had to move it to my garage. I'm not gonna paint the outside just yet, maybe, umm, later. It was in great shape when I found it. Hay for $30 I can't complain, lol. I later found out that the name of this gorgeous house is called, "The Emerson Row House".