Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sunshine Mini Adventures Giveaway!!!

Hello followers welcome come on in. Excuse the blank slate I’m doing a little remodeling.

Please have a seat, may I offer you some coffee and fresh baked bread....
I have been so busy getting the cottage all cozy and warm lets take a sneak peak, will you join me….

The lady of the house is making a red sun dress

I have so many pictures so I am going to fast- forward this sneak peak. I still need more accessories to make this cottage homier.

I added a beaded curtain instead of a door. I got the idea from another mini blogger ( A peak in the bathroom-the lady of the house needs to do some laundry.What do you think? The kitchen is very busy can you smell the sweet smell of goodies :)

The time has come for my first annual giveaway.  I am so exited to be able to share my creations with people who share the same interest as me.  I have taken an interest and pleasure in making mini serving trays & I will like to share my work with one of my fellow miniature followers.
My giveaway will include a beautifully hand decorated serving tray and a loaf of bread that is served on a decorative red platter.

The rules: 
*Be a follower of my blog so you may join me on my great mini adventure.
*Leave a comment stating you would like to be apart of the giveaway
*Post an announcement of my giveaway w/the picture on your blog.
*The drawing will be January 6th, good luck everyone and thanks for being apart of a journey that make me very happy to take part in. 


Friday, October 4, 2013

Recreating Behind The Scenes

Miniature time has been great I have had the time to make more goodies and recreate items to put into the Summerville Cottage and the Big House(the Emerson Row) I have yet to give that house a name. Maybe just maybe this could be the reason I cannot finish decorating the house. I have read that people say let the house speak to you & it will guide you. Ok Emerson Row I'm listening what direction would you like me to take you?

Back to what I have been busy preparing. One of these delicious breads will be apart of my giveaway. I'm making other items to go along with these wonderful creations. 

I have been doing some outside work on the Summerville cottage. I painted the ceiling on the porch ocean blue.  I imagine this cottage located in Key West a short bike ride to Duval Street and to the Historic Key West Seaport. I have an inspiration photo that I will try to recreate with a little changes. I have a great bench that I will be placing on the porch. There is still a lot of work to be done.  So come alone friends.....

Inspiration photo
Here is what I have so far. I painted the floor planks a grayish/blue color the picture don't do it justice.  I looking for a mailbox to add to the porch & I'll be picking up the door kick plate this weekend from Hobby Lobby. So far I'm collecting everything to recreate this lovely porch.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sneak peak

Im so ready for my internship to be over! I barely have time to sleep, I only have one day off and I'm tired!  Two weeks to go and my year long internship is OVER.

God has blessed me with the opportunity to counsel victims and families of domestic violence.
This was a great experience that I will forever be thankful for one year and 1000 hrs later Im almost at the end.

Ranting over let's talk mini....
In between interning and sleeping I had to find time to relax if only for one hour every two weeks.  So my bakery should be ready for its grand opening by the end of August.  I have also been getting my items ready for my give away, a date will be announced soon I promised.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Welcome come on in....

I decided to learn how to make my own goodies for my bakery. Fun and time consuming it has been. I find myself spending hours creating goodies that I am so proud of.

My first project were these brownies...
Some of them have caramel flakes on them, they are hard to see in the picture. The next batch will be better.

Youtube can teach you a lot I tried to make cinnamon rolls. Not bad for my first try I must say. I can't wait to make new ones, more gooey and yummy looking.

Off topic dollhouses gets very dusty. I couldn't finish my photo shoot in the kitchen because I need to take everything out and dust.
How about some coffee and some freshly baked sugar cookies. I did save a slice of cherry pie and a slice of chocolate mouse cake

I made this sign a couple of weeks ago. The frame I purchased from Michael's.
I'm blessed to have a Michael's within biking distance and a Hobby Lobby 20 mins away

I made this cake today I call it spring jolly ranch w/butter cream frosting and jolly ranch candy pieces on top.

Last I tried to make some candy pieces, such as lolly pops and candy sticks. I was tired by this time, I'll try again next time.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!

Looks like the bakery will be opening real soon......

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm back.....

I finally have time for my dollhouses, school is slowing down. Yea!! 
I have been working on my dollhouses, The Emerson Row & The Summerville Cottage.
Because of my dollhouse ADHD I jump from one house to the other, lol.  

I would like to complete the bakery, but for some reason I cannot begin to start the project again. I believe the house is speaking to me (I'm not crazy) I don't think it wants to be a bakery.  My oh my what am I to do?
Maybe I should go with a tea/coffee shop. I'm still in need of chairs and tables and accessories.

I have more goodies that will go in the shop. I really love the colors I used.I built the counter that the goodies will be displayed in. 
Maybe once I finish with school this Aug I'll be able to think more clearly. 
Working on my dollhouses is so relaxing. Because of my busy schedule I had stopped working on my houses and I was stressed. So my family recommended that I start back working on my hobby again. Thanks family for the great advice :)
Welcome to The Summerville House, where the sun always shine brightly.
The resident that resides here loves to bake and sew.  She recently brought this cottage after living with her parents.  On the weekends she loves to go to flea markets and second hand stores to find more goodies to bring home to decorate with.

I have been busy making most of the items in this scene. I purchased the rocking chair, off of Ebay. It was my first time making hat boxes. I love the lil throw on the coach, it reminds me of the life size one I have on my chair.

This is her bedroom, I'm still working on this part of the house. The chair will not be apart of the room. I'm looking for a nice reading chair for her.

I added some more accessories to the kitchen. 

Well, thanks for stopping bye, until next time take care!