Friday, November 9, 2012

Summerville Cottage

To ease the stress of my work load I've been busy with the cottage. I named it Summerville, I wanted it to be a beach house but the design is going in another direction. 

The chair is a Chippendale Sofa that I put together, the pillows I made.  I also made the serving tray, the throw and the rug.  After a long day at school/work & interning when I get home I  make miniature goodies to release stress.  I going to add beams to the ceiling I think that will give the cottage a warmer feeling. I going to use tree branches.  I guess I'll be exploring my backyard!

What do you think of the bookshelf? Another project I made,  I need some accessories to put on the shelf.

A peek in the kitchen
Lets take a look...

Is that fresh baked goodies I see...

Welcome excuse the mop. I had to tidy up b4 your visit.

Have a seat may I offer you some lemonade and a dessert?

Because of the space I made the cabinet with the sink, stove and the refrigerator at the bottom, it's an all in one. The cabinet above is from "Michaels" I bashed it a lil and added a shelf to the bottom.

Thanks for visiting come back again....

Friday, August 31, 2012

I need a mini vacation

I have been very busy RL has me running around with no time to do anything mini. I have begin interning plus I'm taking more classes now. Don't give up on me. I have been collecting items for my giveaway.

I'll Be Back

Monday, May 28, 2012

Im getting older :) and some....

I'm not complaining, Im thankful. I'm turning 32 on June 1, "Yes, mom 32". My mom tends to forget how old I am. So leading up to my birthday I have a traffic ticket, driving licensing need renewed, I have to take a 4 hour driving course, I have to get my tag renewed, oh and I have class the whole weekend of my birthday, plus midterms. Now I'm whining, I can't play with my minis, boohoo.

To sum it all up I'm going to be paying out over $500 for my birthday. But the blessing in all this mess is if I wake up on my birthday( June 1), I will be smiling because God granted me another day!
Until friends have a blessed Memorial Day!

P.S. Behind the scenes I'm gathering goodies for a giveaway! More info to come...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The making of a bakery...

I have been busy with the progress of opening the bakery. The bakery will be in the basement of the Emerson Row, the earnings from the bakery will help the young owner pay her mortgage. She have been busy making goodies for the bakery, some of her goodies can be seen in the picture. She will be using her personal kitchen to bake all her goodies. "She"(the owner of the house), will be introduced in the upcoming blogs. To be continue..

Here are some pictures of what I been up to:

As you can see the owner have been very busy. You can just smell the goodness coming from this kitchen.

I have also been making miniature jugs, I'm still learning and working on them. I also have been trying my touch at making flowers. I made the purple lilacs on the of the frig in the jug. When I find the link on were I learned the technique to make the jugs I'll give credit.

Here is a sneak peak at the bakery, it still is being worked upon. The workers took the remaining of the week off, good help is hard to find, lol. I guess the trim and the patch up work will get finished maybe next week, maybe. I decided to name the bakery after my sister, "Pinkies Savory Sweets!

FYI, my sister can not bake she can barely cook, lol.
I going to paint these cabinets white, I may not use all of them. I'm thinking of adding a mirror to the back of the cabinets, to reflect the cakes and pies. What do you think is this a good idea?

Last I'm working on a custom bed. I just love making miniature items, I try to buy stuff, but...
Having a one of a kind is best :)
The bed will be painted all white. It will go into my shabby chic bedroom, in the house.

Well, at last I'm buying and making items to give away in my giveaway!  I'll announce details soon and I'll post pics of the goodies.
To be continue.....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm making my way back...

I  know I have been missing for a while. I got a new exciting job, plus school has me going bunkers! I'm working behind the scenes and scenes I'm gathering prizes for a giveaway. More information will be announced in the near future. So don't give up on me I'll be back.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Window treatment ideas needed

Hello I know I have been missing for a couple of weeks. I have been busy working on completing the oriental room and starting the bathroom and finishing the hallway.

I added a few accessories to the oriental room. For now I'm done with this room I will be adding some accessories to the dresser, and this room is stamped Complete!

I have begun work on the bathroom, and I must say I really like how it turned out. The windows really need some kind of window treatments, but what kind? I was thinking about making some non-working venetian blinds, or maybe some window shades like Kathi from Beautiful Mini Blessings made. I love the window shades she made, head over there and check them out! Your input is greatly appreciated.

As I was working on this room ideas kept popping into my head. The trim pop, not buying a faucet but making one pop, changing the original plans on what to use as the floor to what I have now pop. I think all those popping sounds were beneficial:)

Ok, back to the window coverings, what should I use to give the lil people a little privacy? I was thinking about covering about a 1/3 of the window, who am I kidding I barely passed collage algebra, what is a 1/3. In other words I'm going to leave the top part exposed, lol. All I'm missing now is a little toilet and more accessories.

The hallway has been in the making for sometime. It's not finished I don't believe I will ever be done with it. So here is the picture so far
 I made all the pictures. I found the table and chair at a thrift store. It was in a lil room box. I'm looking for a nice rug to go in this area. 

I may add more pictures to this wall. I really like the hints of blue in the hallway.  

Because this hallway is so dark, I think I'm going to have to purchase a battery-operated lamp to sit on the table. I'm hearing mix reviews about the battery-operated lights, any comments? Whenever someone sees my house they say why didn't you put lights in it? I'm like I didn't want to. The time it would have took to wire this house was too much for me. I'll pass. I rather invest in the battery lights, an investment that I'm seeing is $. Just maybe I should have…

At last… I brought another dollhouse! I realize I like decorating vs. building, I think. I'm going to buy The Orchid Dollhouse for my stepdaughter; we are going to build this together. I better begin before I start interning this summer; I know my schedule will be crazy with a capital C. So here is my new dollhouse I found her at the Antique flea market in Webster, Florida. This is Coventry Cottage by Greenleaf. I'm unsure what I'm going to do with it for now. To be continue….