Monday, May 28, 2012

Im getting older :) and some....

I'm not complaining, Im thankful. I'm turning 32 on June 1, "Yes, mom 32". My mom tends to forget how old I am. So leading up to my birthday I have a traffic ticket, driving licensing need renewed, I have to take a 4 hour driving course, I have to get my tag renewed, oh and I have class the whole weekend of my birthday, plus midterms. Now I'm whining, I can't play with my minis, boohoo.

To sum it all up I'm going to be paying out over $500 for my birthday. But the blessing in all this mess is if I wake up on my birthday( June 1), I will be smiling because God granted me another day!
Until friends have a blessed Memorial Day!

P.S. Behind the scenes I'm gathering goodies for a giveaway! More info to come...


  1. That's it sweets, always see the glass half full =0)

    Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy birthday! (We're the same age!)

  3. Happy birthday, June is wonderful for birthdays. I send you my best wishes.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Feliz cumpleaños y dí que sí, es una suerte cada día que Dios nos regalo.
    Mil besos amiga mía.

  5. 32? Did you say Birthday #32? Happy Birthday! Here is the fun part; When God grants you the privilege of turning 63 you won't even remember what happened at 32. You can look back at your blog or personal journal to see what was happening at the time, but I bet you will laugh about it. Life is so amazing. Somebody said, "Life is too short to be little." Looks like you are having a great life being big at what you have accomplished. Keep up the good work. Wish I had known about miniatures when I was 32. You are at the right place at the right time right now in your life. Social networks galore! The pleasure of Blogging and sharing your wonderful life with people like me. I feel so honored to read about what you are doing! And you have a mother to turn to?!! WOW! You are truly Blessed. Thank God.

    Didn't mean to make such a long comment, but, if you follow my blog you know I love to write, make new friends and make minis. Hope your name is in the hat for the drawing tonight. Good luck. I wish everyone could win. Thank you so much for posting my give-a-ways on your blog.