Thursday, May 3, 2012

The making of a bakery...

I have been busy with the progress of opening the bakery. The bakery will be in the basement of the Emerson Row, the earnings from the bakery will help the young owner pay her mortgage. She have been busy making goodies for the bakery, some of her goodies can be seen in the picture. She will be using her personal kitchen to bake all her goodies. "She"(the owner of the house), will be introduced in the upcoming blogs. To be continue..

Here are some pictures of what I been up to:

As you can see the owner have been very busy. You can just smell the goodness coming from this kitchen.

I have also been making miniature jugs, I'm still learning and working on them. I also have been trying my touch at making flowers. I made the purple lilacs on the of the frig in the jug. When I find the link on were I learned the technique to make the jugs I'll give credit.

Here is a sneak peak at the bakery, it still is being worked upon. The workers took the remaining of the week off, good help is hard to find, lol. I guess the trim and the patch up work will get finished maybe next week, maybe. I decided to name the bakery after my sister, "Pinkies Savory Sweets!

FYI, my sister can not bake she can barely cook, lol.
I going to paint these cabinets white, I may not use all of them. I'm thinking of adding a mirror to the back of the cabinets, to reflect the cakes and pies. What do you think is this a good idea?

Last I'm working on a custom bed. I just love making miniature items, I try to buy stuff, but...
Having a one of a kind is best :)
The bed will be painted all white. It will go into my shabby chic bedroom, in the house.

Well, at last I'm buying and making items to give away in my giveaway!  I'll announce details soon and I'll post pics of the goodies.
To be continue.....


  1. Que bonita cocina, es preciosa.
    Mil besos...JUlia.

  2. Hi Sunshine, love your blog. You are so talented. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I only make miniatures, but it was a nice compliment for you to ask me if I make real clothes. Thank you. I joined your blog today. Sorry it took so long to answer your question. Hugs, Felma