Monday, November 14, 2011


This room is coming together slowly. Due to my studies I haven't had much time to work on my house. Truth be told I need to get my GPA back up. My last class was HARD.

Ok, lets see I added some carpet I went with a gray color / the cream color was blending in with the furniture to much, so out it went. I added trim to the chair I made. I was able to find the trim at Ron's Miniature Store in Orlando. The people at that store is so helpful and nice. If you are ever in O town stop by and visit them.  I purchased this light from the shop. I think it looks very charming on the bookcase that I made. I want to make the bookcase look antique. But I don't know how to, help is needed and greatly appreciated. What do you think of the lamp?

I did finish the entertainment center as you can see I painted it lime green. I finished the flat screen TV. I haven't added a pic of that scene yet. 
That adventure is for the next blog. 

Speaking about adventure I found the most helpful tutorial on how to make books instead of buying some. I have searched my blog list but I am unable to give credit to the rightful person, I can not find where I got the tip from.  I made the books by covering poster board with pieces of paper. 
No detail are shown I just needed the bookshelf to look occupied. I also made the curtain rods, shhh… they are actually drinking straws with wooden beads attached that I painted.

The coffee table will be painted. It was a gift from a friend, who found the table and other mini goodies at the Dollar Tree.

The next adventure will be to start on the bathroom. I found a beautiful soap dish that I will be using as a tub. What do you think of the new slipper claw foot tub? I want the bathroom to be decorated in a tropical retreat look.

However, that project is may have to begin next year. I'm gonna have to get my work station together. Would you look at this mess, lol. The maid is so fired if I had one, lol.

Well until the next adventure, have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. The livng room is really coming together beautifully, the curtains looks lovely with the light coming thru (clever idea using straws for the rods!). The lamp is gorgeous, I've never seen one like it. The bathrom decor idea is interesting, will be interesting to see it take shape.

    PS I think my maid and your maid went to the same maid school ;)

  2. La habitaciĆ³n te ha quedado preciosa, esa lampara es muy bonita y ideal para la lectura.
    La baƱera me encanta, siempre me gustaron con pie.
    Buen trabajo sherika y millones de besosss.