Monday, November 28, 2011

24 hours in a day, really?

Today was a off day for me so I decided to dedicate all my time to my dollhouse. My real house can wait, actually I think it's about time I go on strike again, lol. The furniture that my good friend found at the doll store I decided to paint it, to match the bed I made. I also made some curtains, but I'm unsure if Im going to use them, it's not the vision I had in mind. This is a sneak peak at my progress so far.

The vanity will be painted to match the other pieces, I think, what do you think? Should I paint it black also?

The chair will not be used. It's just a fill in. I made the bedding, it's not complete yet.

Do you see the beautiful stained floors. These are the original floors in the house I sanded them and stained them. I will be adding the baseboards trim a lil later. I also stained the window trim.

On my adventure to Michael's I discovered these Chinese symbols on clearance. This is the reason I made the bedding red. They will be used in the room. Well, until the next adventure, take care!


  1. Sherika, es una preciosa habitación.
    El suelo es perfecto, te estás trabajando, esa linda casa.
    Por cierto, pasate por mi blog, por si te apetece apuntarte al sorteo.
    Mil besitosss...Julia

  2. I would definately go black for the vanity to match the other furniture. A Chinese themed bedroom is a novel idea, will be interesting to see it finished.

  3. I agree - paint it black to match. Looking good!

  4. Estas haciendo un precioso trabajo, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension