Thursday, April 14, 2016

Progress w/Big House future Bed & Breakfast

Updates on Big House
I still haven't came up with a name yet. I have a lot more work that needs added to the exterior. I'm proud of my progress so far. Life been really busy these last couple months w/a new job. Plus I just got a new position. I began in 2 weeks.  I'll have more time to work on my hobby & spend time w/my family on the weekends again. 

remodeled the kitchen. I wanted it more cozy. I added some tile, built a shelf, a new table and redid the chairs. Bonkers I'm beat🙃. Lol I had 2days off and I enjoyed every minute. 

I have a lot of more work to do. Plus I need to add some kitchen accessories to make it more homey. I'll be doing some shopping.... I need enter some contest maybe I can win some great prizes. Thank you for stopping bye...See you on the next adventure.


  1. Hi Sherika! You certainly are transforming this house. The exterior looks so great with the new stone foundation. And you shots of the kitchen are beautiful with that sun coming through the windows! The best part of doing the kitchen is adding all those accessories. It looks marvelous already! I didn't make the candlesticks. They were all made by Alisha. Cute right?!!

  2. Your house is beginning to look like a home, Sherika and Caroline is right about the best part being all of the kitchen accessories that make it come alive. Good Work on the kitchen of your Bed and Breakfast! :D