Friday, December 30, 2011

I made a lamp!

My fiancé asked me are you going to make everything for your dollhouse? He kind of made me feel bad, not that he tried to. It's just I enjoy the adventure of trying to conquer something I never tried. So I had a vision of a lamp and I thought why not try to make it. I did try to find the lamp online, it's just they are so expensive$$, and I like one of a kind items (in my real life also). I made the lamp using some beads that I had from a old towel set, and the top is made from little umbrella sticks you would put in a tropical drink. The pic frame is button. What do you think?

Wow the camera really show your flaws and all. I need to do some paint touch ups, lol. I think this piece of art look very nice over the dresser. I will be adding some accessories to the dresser a little later. The curtain must go. That is the one item I 'm having the hardist time making. Well, until next time.

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