Saturday, September 17, 2011

Let the demolition begin.

This house had a lot of wallpaper that needed to be removed. Along with the old copper wire lighting system.  I also removed the stairs. They didn't fit w/ the new design. The removal gave me more kitchen space. After all the hours spent removing wallpaper and carpet, I was ready to break.

Update: Progress the first room I started on was the kitchen. If I may say so I'm very proud of myself this is not the finish product the kitchen is 78% finish. Why 78% well I need more $ to finish buying other kitchen accessories. I made the table, windowseat, blinds & the pillows. I have been very busy. So glad I discovered I could blog about my progress. Im so excited! Until the next adventure, good day!

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  1. Me encanta como ha quedado la cosita...Fantastica.
    Mil besos...Julia